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Online Fire TraininG & EMS and Recertification

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Powered by FDIC, FE, and JEMS
Powered by FDIC, FE, and JEMS

Online Fire & EMS Training and Recertification

Reduce Risk & Limit Liability

Identify and protect against risk with our credential management tools that allow you to track your members’ certifications, licenses, training, and more.

Fire Department ISO Training Requirements
Online Firefighter Training Course

Online Fire & EMS Training

Continue firefighter training with refresher courses, insights from industry leaders, and more–all based on NFPA standards.

Maintain all state and National Registry certifications up to date with our CAPCE-accredited EMS recertification courses.

With over 140 years of dedication to the fire service, bringing you the latest training tactics, techniques, and technologies is what we do best.

Firefighting & EMS Instructors

Industry-leading instructors

Our courses are taught by the industry’s most respected instructors, bringing you the training and skills you need to continue supporting the communities you serve.

Firefighting & EMS Instructors

On-the-go learning

We know the pace of your job is unpredictable. Access Fire Engineering Training right on the App! Take courses, browse the catalog, and monitor your progress – all from your phone. 

The Fire Academy mobile app

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Ready for next-level training?

Plans are available and affordable for individuals and departments. Make the investment in yourself and your community.

Firefighter Online Training