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Course Type: Full-length Course
Duration: 60

Calculating the Cost of Higher Education for EMS

Course Description

We’ve all heard it said that to succeed in Fire/EMS, we need to pursue higher education. But why does higher education matter to Fire/EMS? How does formal education help me become an effective first responder and leader? In this course, we’ll look at why higher education matters, overcoming roadblocks, best practices for online education and finding the right program for you. Note: There are no CEUs awarded for completing this course.

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Calculating the Cost of Higher Education for EMS

There are many deciding factors that go into determining if pursuing higher education is possible. One of the primary factors is whether or not it is financially attainable. In this course, we’ll examine the benefits of pursuing higher education, explore options for making college affordable, and calculate an estimate the cost for a degree of your choice.

Course Type: Full-length Course

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