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Emergency Vehicle Operations Course (EVOC) Series

Fire Engineering Training is thrilled to announce the publication of our new EVOC series. Our EVOC series includes courses to prepare first responders for the operation, maintenance, training, and preparation it takes to safely, and correctly operate an emergency vehicle.

Increase Safety and Reduce Risk

By completing courses in the EVOC series, you are investing in the safety of yourself, your colleagues, and the community you serve. The knowledge and skills gained from these courses can reduce the risk of accidents and injuries. Prioritizing safety on the road not only saves lives but also ensures a more efficient and effective emergency response.  

Stay Up to Date with Evolving Standards 

As technology and regulations evolve, it’s essential for emergency responders to stay current with the latest standards. These courses follow the NFPA standards for safely operating emergency vehicles, different tactics and dynamics for driving, crash and injury prevention, and much more! 

Available Courses

Learn From Industry Leaders 

Our EVOC series is written by FDIC Instructor, Chris Daly. Chris has been in the fire service for 33 years and he has developed an emergency vehicle driver training program entitled “Drive to Survive,” which has been presented to over 26,000 firefighters and police officers at over 590 emergency service agencies across the United States.