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Simple Training Ideas for Fire Departments 

Many department admins and training officers have struggled with the question, “how do I continue to engage my personnel and have fresh training on relevant topics?” 

The answer: Fire Engineering Training’s short video series, Training Minutes.  

Training Minutes is a collection of short video courses covering everything from simple to complex tasks all firefighters should be prepared for. Curated by industry experts, these online firefighter training videos showcase best practices from real-world examples. 

Imagine this… 

Your team gathers around the kitchen table at the station to have a cup of coffee and breakfast before the beginning of their shift.  

You log into your Fire Engineering Training account and play Mike Ciampo’s 5-minute video: “Training Minutes: The Can”. 

The team dives into a conversation about the video and then goes out for some hands-on training – adding a new skill or refreshing an old skill in their toolbox. 

The Training Minutes series is perfect for refreshing skills and starting conversations about topics with members of your department.  

Check out our course catalog for Training Minutes to learn more about this short video series.

Start learning from industry experts today! 

  • Adam Hansen
  • David Rhodes
  • Chuck Fager
  • Steven Robertson
  • Dave McGrail
  • Justin Mann
  • Paul DeBartolomeo
  • Nick Papa
  • Jenna White
  • Shannon Stone
  • Jenny Grima
  • John Alston
  • Allen Johnson
  • Mike Dragonetti
  • Ric Jorge
  • Paul Dansbach
  • Paulie Capo
  • Todd Taylor
  • Brian Brush
  • Nick Martin
  • Frank Ricci
  • Walter Lewis
  • Mike Ciampo
  • Joseph Alvarez
  • Mike McEvoy
  • Steven Hamilton
  • Anthony Avillo
  • Jimmy Adams
  • Mark Gregory
  • Tom Gies
  • Paul LaRochelle Jr.
  • John Hayden
  • Michael Hunter
  • Ted Nee
  • Remie Crowe
  • Geoffrey Shapiro
  • The Fire Academy