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Thomas Merrill

Fire Commissioner/Past Chief of Department
Snyder (NY) Fire Department
Tom Merrill is fire commissioner for the Snyder (NY) Fire Department with 40 years of service. He is past chief of the department and has a BA in broadcast communications from State University College at Buffalo. He is employed full time as a Fire Dispatcher for the Town of Amherst (NY) Central Fire Alarm Office.
Courses By Thomas Merrill

Officer Development in the Volunteer Fire Service

Far too many officers are simply elected or appointed but they are provided with very little or no training at all and are left to “fend for themselves’ as they try to earn respect and gain the confidence of their membership while trying to learn about the jobs they are expected to perform. In this course, Deputy Chief Merrill advises on the unique challenges faced by volunteer fire officers for both operations and administration. Officers and future fire officers need to be able to properly prepare for and perform their roles as officers. To help equip current and future officers, Deputy Chief Merrill gives tips, tactics, and advice.

Course Type: Full-length Course

Course Duration: 90

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